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Carbon Fiber Plastic Tweezers ESD

The ESD tweezers are ideal tools for the airgun user who needs to take a deep dive into the airgun's mechanism for repairs, fine-tuning, or parts replacement. They are ideal for maximum surface protection when handling micro-mechanical parts and sensitive components.

Main features:
  • Made of 30% carbon fiber reinforced plastic
  • Electrically and thermally highly conductive
  • High resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • Surface resistance between 10^2 and 10^4 ohms to compensate in a controlled manner the differences in potential between the operator and the electronic components
  •  Temperature-stable up to 130° C, short-term use is possible at up to 190° C
  • The carbon fiber-reinforced plastic of the ESD variants is extremely flexible, fatigue-resistant, vibration-reducing, and water-repellent, with good chemical resistance to most oils, greases, fuels, and nonpolar solvents

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